Coronavirus at the Coastal Bend

How we cope with the pandemic

Keeping Busy

Many of us have fantasized about being able to work from home. We imagine there will be so much extra time, as we won’t have to commute, iron our clothing, prepare and pack our lunches, and pick up dry cleaning. Now that we are all at home, is there a lot of extra time? AndContinue reading “Keeping Busy”

Kindness Matters

Our community has shown great humanity during this time of crisis. The MCB staff have recently witnessed a number of acts of kindness and generosity in the Coastal Bend area, such as messages of hope left along a walking path, the gift of hand sewn masks to neighbors who had none, and errands run forContinue reading “Kindness Matters”

Museum From Home

The MCB staff are adapting to working from home during this pandemic. This hasn’t been easy. Some of our challenges have been physical ones — our work is varied, and requires space to spread out. Most of us don’t have dedicated home offices, and we are struggling to find spots to work on our manyContinue reading “Museum From Home”

What are we up to?

These are historic times for Victoria, the nation, and the world.  The MCB is documenting community experiences during this pandemic.  We need your help! If you have a story or photos (or both!) you would like to share for the MCB’s virtual exhibit on the pandemic in the Coastal Bend, please send us an emailContinue reading “What are we up to?”

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